Obviously... @ January 23rd, 2009, 2:44 am

Obviously, I'm not updating like I should be. I'm off the wagon. It's not that I don't want to continue Monarchy, I'm just having trouble finding the time, energy, and priorizing ability.
So... it will be sporadic updates for the forseeable future. I apologize for all the unexpected delays and non-updating and non-warning and dropping off the face of the earth.
It's just hard to keep up with right now and I don't want to say that there will be updates when, quite obviously, no updates are going up.
My apologies.

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New news @ June 14th, 2008, 7:51 pm

New news post!
Which is divided into sections for... well, I felt like it. Just look for what you want to read about. XD

Okay, on the update front: Since I have no job yet, Monarchy is updating Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, more or less. Wednesdays are still iffy.

On the Monarchy plot front: We're getting into the meat of it. No, really, I mean it this time!
I want to get where we're going before the school year starts in Sept., and there's... about 35 pages between us and where I want to be.
Since I work completely traditional except for text and there's no real shortcuts, factoring in the time waiting for ink to dry (XD), it's gonna take a bit. Hold tight and we'll get there! =D I appreciate those who are sticking it out so much! *dances*

On the other comics front: I have deleted the "Starring Hibari" and "Not Your Heroine" comics because... honestly, they're not going to update in the forseeable future.
ScissorMask is surviving because it HAS 13 PAGES DRAWN. Just not inked. I think I'll upload the pages and then link to the fanfiction, which is also not completed. *sigh* I just can't motivate myself to leap into the abyss that ScissorMask could prove to be, in writing and drawing. Original characters are much easier to work with, oddly enough. Sorry for anyone who reads SM or the others...


On the fans front: I love you alllll~~~ <3 Reading comments is seriously the highlight of uploading. *dances*

And finally, on the life front: Trying to rewrite a novel. Playing Kingdom Hearts II again and still loving it and wanting to make a comic of all the weirdness in it. It can't be just me, Demyx IS like Drover from Hank the Cowdog, ISN'T he? =D

And that's the news.
Keep safe. =)

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Update 2/14/08 @ February 15th, 2008, 12:37 am

Hello all!
Not very important news really, just an update. I'm at college and busy.
An update on Monday 2/18/08 isn't definite. I have three midterms, a take home essay, and possibly my first editorial cartoon for the school paper. (Whee~!)
Oh yes, and THANK YOU ALL VERY MUCH FOR 115+1 FANS! =D I don't do thank you pictures much but I hope that doesn't make anyone think I'm ungrateful. I'm very glad you all enjoy the comic. *bows* Your comments mean a lot to me. =3
Soon, this chapter will return to Tern~ who has been complaining and whining that the comic is about him and yet he hasn't appeared for OVER FIVE PAGES. Poor baby. XD
Oh, and happy you-know-what day. Candy. Love. Hearts. Singles. Couples. Whatever you want to call it, I didn't participate but got five dollars and candy. I am content.

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News? @ October 9th, 2007, 2:28 am

There isn't much news actually, at least, not 'I'm leaving you for a week' news.
Monarchy has 86 fans! *dance dance* =3 Thanks so much to everyone's support! This comic would've died a long time ago without you.
I started a comic called 'ScissorMask' and it updates Tuesdays. It's a PhantomOpera/EdwardSciss/LesMis/TaleofTwo crossover, and ISN'T random. Check it out if you like musicals. =)
Monarchy might decrease from its tri-weekly updates sometime in the future if I get busier. I'm trying to figure out the plot, I know where it SHOULD go -- but I don't want to get there too fast. D:
I think that was about it. Again, thanks for everyone's support! *throws confetti*

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