Of gangs

whitechocolate, June 14th, 2008, 2:05 pm
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- Oh Tern. You run from police officers, but you think it's a good idea to mess with THESE guys.

These guys were actually kind of fun to draw though. I'm proud of how menacing they look. ...except for the one on the far left. He was just cause I was tired of drawing muscles, and like ninja masks. No, he's not a zombie. OR... IS HE?

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xCielx, June 19th, 2008, 8:09 pm
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- omg mohawk man! *wonders what color his hair is*
I bet they can't comprehend what Tern's saying to them.

Immortality, June 20th, 2008, 4:08 pm
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- xD ninja mask.
That brightened my day.

MelWorth, June 21st, 2008, 12:34 pm
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- Oh no, Tern! I hope you know what you're doing... >>

lol I love the fishies on that second panel. <3 And, gosh, Tern looks good on the last one.

takashinakamura, June 22nd, 2008, 6:11 pm
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- i wish i could talk like that to thugs! i think tern's in big trouble! oh no!!! DX

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