This could be construed as the Frequently Asked Questions page, but usually there is only one major question and that is some variety of:

"Why does Tern keep saying 'we' when he talks about himself?"

This is because of something called the 'Majestic plural'. Wikipedia does a better job of explaining it than I do, so you can read about it here:

I used it for Tern because it's a very self-centered and distancing way of referring to oneself. (And I read it in a book and liked it.) He may drop it later, as using it in a group setting is, I am learning, VERY CONFUSING.

Reese: Wait, do you mean the YOU 'we', or the US 'we'?

Tern: We are not at liberty to say.


Other FAQ questions are, um... well, there aren't many at all. Therefore: THIS IS THE END OF THE FAQEWWWW until more people ask questions.