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Update 2/14/08

Hello all!
Not very important news really, just an update. I'm at college and busy.
An update on Monday 2/18/08 isn't definite. I have three midterms, a take home essay, and possibly my first editorial cartoon for the school paper. (Whee~!)
Oh yes, and THANK YOU ALL VERY MUCH FOR 115+1 FANS! =D I don't do thank you pictures much but I hope that doesn't make anyone think I'm ungrateful. I'm very glad you all enjoy the comic. *bows* Your comments mean a lot to me. =3
Soon, this chapter will return to Tern~ who has been complaining and whining that the comic is about him and yet he hasn't appeared for OVER FIVE PAGES. Poor baby. XD
Oh, and happy you-know-what day. Candy. Love. Hearts. Singles. Couples. Whatever you want to call it, I didn't participate but got five dollars and candy. I am content.

posted by whitechocolate @ February 15th, 2008, 12:37 am  -  1 Comments


Idene, February 16th, 2008, 9:42 pm

don't worry about it!
school comes first in ALOT of cases. besides, you updated like four times this week! a missed update on a monday-which is when you usually update-is no problem at all! ;)

I made my friend a couple of little felt plushies for V-Day, and she gave me an awesome card and a little pikachu keychain. also got the awesome movie Shaun of the Dead, and I got a couple of pixie stix and some chocolate.

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